Hotel Towels

Product: Bath Towel, Hand Towel, Wash Towel, Bath Mat

Material: 100% Terry Cotton

Grams: 450 Grams to 900 Grams | Made to Order

Color: White | Made to Order

Pool And Beach Towels

(Also Offering Chlorine resistant/ Vat Dyed Towel)

                      Product: Pool and Beach Towel

                      Material: 100% Terry Cotton

                       Grams: 400 to 650 Grams | Made to Order

                        Color: Cabana Stripes | Made to Order

Spa Towel

Product: Bath Mat

Material: 100% Terry Cotton

Pattern: With Greek Border

Grams: 400 Grams to 700 Grams | Made to Order

Color: White/Ivory | Made to Order

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